About me

Steve, smiling, with a slightly strange haircut
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Hello, my name's Steve Richert. A little bit of the internet knows me as laserlemon. I'm a partner to one, father of four, and a software engineer at GitHub.

But laserlemon.com isn't so much about me, as it is about what we can learn together. You can read more about my idea for "learning in the open" in my first post.

About laserlemon.com

I'll venture to write here regularly. I love to learn so there should be plenty to share! The best way to keep up is to subscribe to future posts at the bottom of the page. I won't spam you. Scout's honor.

You'll also find a lot of this content repackaged on my YouTube channel at laserlemon.tv. People learn so differently from each other, and every topic is unique. Sometimes text is best and sometimes video is easier to understand.

Thanks for being here, and I can't wait to journey with you!